Steak and Riggwelter Pie                                   14

Served with a choice of hand cut Chips or Mash, Mushy Peas and Riggwelter Gravy


Rib and Wing Combo                                          15

‘Low and Slow’ 12 hour smoked Baby Back Ribs and Chicken Wings doused in our signature BBQ sauce with classic Slaw, Chips and Salad


Haddock/Banana Blossom      V                      13.5

Battered in 54 Lager with classic sides of Chips, Tartare

Sauce and Mushy Peas with Bread and Butter


Pesto Pasta   V                                                         11.5

Penne Pasta with a rich green Garlic Pesto Sauce and Tenderstem Broccoli

Add Chicken £3


Seasonal Salad Bowl   V                                  11

Rocket, Mixed Leaf, Tenderstem Broccoli, Radishes, Butternut Squash, Beetroot, Onion and a French dressing

      Add Chicken/Halloumi £3       Add King Prawns £4


Buttermilk Chicken                                          14

Tender pieces of Chicken marinated in Buttermilk coated

in a crispy coating served with spicy Mayo, Chips and Slaw


Brisket                                                                  13.5

Low and Slow Braised Beef Brisket on a bed of rich creamy Mash Tenderstem Broccoli and a Black Sheep Gravy


Gourmet Beef Burger/Vegan Burger

6oz Pattie in toasted Brioche Bun filled with Tomato, Gherkin, Salad and BS BBQ sauce


Choose your topping

      Naked (Plain Beef)                    12.5

      Just Cheese                                 13.5

      Cheese and Bacon                     14.5

      Brie and Bacon                           14.5

      Blue Cheese and Black Pudding 15  



        Buttermilk Chicken Burger     14.5

Crispy coated Buttermilk Chicken Pieces in a Brioche bun filled with garnish and topped with melted Cheddar



      Halloumi Burger V                       14

Deep fried crispy coated Halloumi in a Brioche Bun filled with garnish and topped with Mushroom and melted Cheddar


All served with Chips and Slaw

GF Burger Bun available

Stoned baked PIZZA

Our stone baked pizzas are hand rolled and cooked in the traditional way every pizza should be!


GF pizza base available


       Margherita V                9.5

Tomato base melted Mozzarella and fresh Tomato


         Pepperoni                      10.5

Tomato base, Mozzarella and Pepperoni


        Veggie Deluxe V             10 

Olives, Peppers, Goat’s Cheese, Mushrooms and Onion Marmalade


           BBQ Chicken                  10.5

BBQ base Mozzarella, BBQ Chicken and Peppers


            Meat Feast                       12.5

Chicken, Ham, Chorizo and BBQ Pulled Pork


            Pulled Pork                        11

Tomato base, Mozzarella and Pulled Pork


            Hawaiian                          10.5

Tomato base, Mozzarella, Yorkshire Ham and Pineapple


      Chicken & Sweetcorn        10.5

Tomato base, Mozzarella, Chicken and Sweetcorn


            Hot Shot                            11.5

Tomato base, Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Finger Chillies Jalapenos and Chilli Flakes


Add Hot Sauce £1


Extra Toppings £1 each

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